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Two of the leading causes of infant  mortality are Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and accidental infant injury, both of which are often related to child sleeping practices.  Co-sleeping, also known as bed sharing or family-bed is when an infant sleeps in the same bed as its parents and/or older siblings. While there are some benefits to co-sleeping, such as night-time breastfeeding convenience or sleep-cycle syncing. Numerous studies have shown that bed sharing is the most common cause for infant death, especially in the first 3 months of life.

The loss of a child is devastating to the mental, physical and emotional health of a family, especially when the cause is something that might have been preventable. A secure crib allows peace of mind and safe relaxation for parents and children alike, but due to financial hardship, this very necessary piece of furniture is often overlooked for more important needs such as food or clothing.

Because the dangers of bad sleeping practices threaten the most vulnerable members of our society.  Beds for Babies Inc. was created to help protect them. With beds large enough to move freely, warm pajamas to cover the skin, and a sleeping area that is free of debris, quiet, and away from the regular commotion of everyday life, we hope to provide all babies  with what they deserve, a peaceful place to lay.